So pleased to come across this for 50p in a charity store. I’m so excited that so far I’ve only listened to side A, I want to savour the album, save some for another day!

In many ways side A is very laid back, ramshackle at times, but there is a magic or energy to this band.  For three of the band, Hot Tuna was a side project from Jefferson Airplane and it sounds like they were having fun. The album was released in 1972, but passed me by at the time.

I first became aware of Hot Tuna in the hot summer of ’76, for they were low down on the on the bill at Knebworth that year.  Probably my favourite festival event for consistent quality, the band must have come on early afternoon, I remember the interplay of guitar and bass stirring up some interest as the sun beat down, clothing was loosened and drinks downed.  Of course, most people, myself included, were saving their energy for the headline acts and the cooler evening, seeking out any little bit of shade to be had.

Excuse the photo quality and my intruding fingers.  Happy Days!


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