A time to fill the gaps…


Like many, I’ve found this week’s news hard to comprehend. David Bowie had always felt a bit like an older brother to me (ten years my senior) and mortality is a hard one to grasp at times.  On the one hand, I feel so blessed to have grown up with ‘Hunky Dory’, my favourite album of his, followed by a very creative streak through the 70s, but then i rather lost touch with him – maybe it was me, getting married, growing up etc.  I had seen him at Milton Keynes Bowl on his Serious Moonlight Tour, but found the relentless ’80s production on ‘Let’s Dance’ difficult to listen to, it gave me a headache!  I enjoyed his show at 2004’s Isle of Wight Festival, freeloading from across the river – it was a great set revisiting many of his successes, but my favourite was ‘Quicksand’ from….’Hunky Dory’.

Coming back to date, it was the week before the release of ‘Blackstar’ that I stumbled upon the CD of ‘hours…’ in a charity shop. It has become ever-present listening when in the car since and has really grown on me, a wonderful album.  It reminded me of my youth, when you’d buy an LP and it required several listens before you really got it.

I’d watched the pre-release video for ‘Blackstar’ and was pondering whether to buy the CD or vinyl when the news came through. Since that day I’ve listened to tracks from it on Spotify and find them so (quite naturally) concerned with death that I find it too emotional to listen.  A little more time grieving may be necessary first and then it’s time to search out his music that I’ve missed out on along the way.



5 thoughts on “A time to fill the gaps…

    1. As a collector/hoarder, I have to admit to a copy of ‘Heathen’ sitting on the CD shelves although it has possibly only received a single play! I shall return to it on your recommendation, thanks.


  1. Interesting reaction to Blackstar, I have to say I don’t fancy buying it for a good while and I am wary of the circumstances of its release leading it to be hailed a ‘classic’ immediately by everyone – I’ll take your lead and wait on it for while yet. How terribly British!

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  2. Well, I’m sure his death will have distorted the sales figures. I heard that Tony Visconti had received a demo tape for some new tracks having completed work on Blackstar, which might indicate that Bowie had expected to have a little more time. I’m always impressed by musicians working to the end, it’s in their blood just as much as it’s in ours.

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