New Discoveries

Foghat outlaws

Living on a small island, I am constantly looking for new sources of secondhand vinyl.  The horrible price ticket on this album sleeve tells a tale!  One source of mine often has these sticky devils on and they won’t come off without removing part of the artwork at the same time – not good when the album may be a few quid.

This album came from another plentiful source, same silly price ticket, but at only £1, who am I to complain?  Seems I may have cut out the middle man! I picked the album up, vaguely recognising the band’s name, saw it was on the Bearsville label and assumed that this was a mid seventies American rock band.  I was subsequently surprised to find out (via Wikipedia) that Foghat was/is? an English band, formed by ex members of Savoy Brown, another blues band that I’ve heard of, but have yet to explore further.

The music is pretty much what you’d expect from the period – bluesy, boogie rock with the signs of excess often present in music of that time, 1974.  The excess is echoed in the album artwork, white suited guys in front of their own jet, replete with Foghat signage on the fuselage.  I love it, it takes me back to good times!


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