The Yachts


I first discovered The Yachts through a friend with good musical taste!  It was 1977 and my musical world had reached Year Zero.  They were a band from Liverpool, keyboard & guitar led new wave, with a sense of humour. ‘Suffice To Say’ was their first single on Stiff Records, although by the time they came to record their first album in 1979, the internal split at Stiff led to them joining the new Radar label.  It’s hard to find a great deal about them online, confused by there being another and more recent act with the name Yacht!  Back in the late 70’s, I saw The Yachts so many times that I made my own fan t-shirt listing the gigs on the back!  From the Red Cow to the Nashville Rooms and many places in-between; I even went for a wee at the same time as guitarist Martin Watson at their London College of Printing gig, sharing a few words as we did so!

Years later I was parted from my vinyl by lack of space/new relationship etc and this album was no longer in my collection – until yesterday!!!!!   It’s the better of their two albums, in my opinion, and I still remember all the words…..magic!

Henry Priestman, keyboards and songwriter, went on to fame with The Christians via It’s Immaterial and Wah! and is now a solo artist.  There are still a couple of tracks by The Yachts to be found on Spotify, worth a listen while they are still there.


3 thoughts on “The Yachts

  1. One of the wonderful things about music is the huge variety to be found – I guess that the arrival of punk/new wave allowed a whole host of bands to start up and get gigs without reliance upon big labels and advances. The rule book had been ripped up. I guess The Yachts rode the crest of that wave!


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