Go Into the Light

Go into the light

Next to my deck there’s a pile of albums waiting to played; new ones (to me at least) and older discs that I’ve come across and thought that another listen was overdue.  This 12″ single was due another listen.  It’s blue and is good for lifting the blues that hang around me at times!

I came to Ian McNabb via my love of Neil Young. Crazy Horse backed Ian McNabb on sections of his ‘Merseybeast’ album, which I love. Further delving into his back catalogue unearthed more gems, including his album ‘Head Like a Rock’.  The original version of ‘Go Into The Light’ is on that album, as it is on side B of the single. Side A of the single is a 7.20 dub workout of the track, with Jah Wobble replacing original bassist Roy Corkill for the dub mix.  ‘For You Angel’, another dub track, sits on side B.

What makes the single and album so good is the funky approach and in particular the drumming of one Tony Braunagel.  He’s played with many people over the years and I believe is in demand as a session man, but for me he was part of one of the finest bands I have ever seen live – (Back Street) Crawler.  This is a real feel good sound, so glad I listened to it again!

The Single keeps you on your toes though – 45rpm on side A, 33rpm on side B!


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