Warp Factor!


I could kick myself – a real rookie’s mistake; yesterday I hit some boot fairs and picked up a couple of bargains for a pound each, but then called by a collector’s place and selected Robin Trower’s ‘Long Misty Days’ for three quid. I carefully checked the disc for scratches, then paid my money.  When I got home, Side A sounded pretty good, but when I flipped it over, the needle was bouncing on the lead in, the disc was dished and had one hell of a warp – why hadn’t I checked?  A quick Google came up with a range of solutions which either seemed very expensive (various disc straightening equipment) or a variety of short clips on youtube involving ovens, the heat of the sun and manipulation of the disc in an effort to correct the warp. I plumped for the hot water in the sink and then put the warm disc warp side down onto the deck with a third full brandy bottle to apply some gentle pressure for a few hours (the spindle very neatly sat in the dimple at the bottom of the bottle).  The warp decreased slightly, but not a lot.  I’d read about using disc clamps and tried using some blutack to hold the the warped edge down- it worked after a fashion, but the sound wasn’t great.

Conclusion:  One disc by the rubbish bin and a mental note to check for warpage on all discs!


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