Grown Up Music

gerry mulligan age of steam

I’m usually busy on Sunday mornings, but life changes and I suddenly find myself free alternate weeks.  A lovely morning found me down on the seafront for the start of the Cowes-Torquay Power Boat Race, for what seemed to me a kind of adult playtime for the very wealthy.  I couldn’t help wondering about life as the giant beasts roared past against the background of Fawley Oil Refinery, plenty of waiting for the event to start, then over in a flash!

Strolling homewards I diverted to peruse the local monthly boot fair and chanced upon a couple of jazz LPs, of which this was one.  The sun was so bright that when I checked the condition of the vinyl, there seemed to be scratches everywhere, but only light surface ones.  On checking at home, the vinyl looked and sounds pretty much perfect.  The morning’s theme of dirty power is echoed by the album cover, but the music itself is cool jazz;  Recorded in 1971, it finds Mulligan playing with an extended band, but there is space within the recording and this highlights the quality of the playing. Perfect for a Sunday morning!


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