An Old Friend

After the musical putsch of 1977, my record collection was largely growing through the purchase of punk/new wave singles. Gradually these bands also released albums and it became clear that I had a liking for energetic power-pop type bands.  Along the way I stumbled upon Split Enz, active in the early 70s, but having a resurgence in the late 70s/early 80s and today was able to reacquaint myself with their album ‘Waiata’.  Known for their stunning hair sculptures and wacky/art school type music, I fell in love with this band for a while and many albums passed through my hands ( life has led to cycles of collection and disposal!).Waiata

With the passing of some 34 years since the release of this album, my body has regenerated 4.5 times and I wasn’t sure if I’d still feel the same about it.  I’ve aged, or matured(?), and my musical tastes have gradually changed over that hiatus.  I needn’t have worried, I was soon singing and humming along to some old friends.  I won’t be rushing around looking for all their back catalogue, but this was a nice reminder of past times.

I saw Split Enz one winter in London in the early 80s, I remember the gig for two reasons – the heating had failed and it was freezing in the venue, but the band put on a cracking show.  Of course we all ended up overfed on Crowded House in subsequent years, but at that time the Finn brothers et al produced some interesting and very enjoyable music.


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