Smooth, Laid Back…

Having known Herbie Hancock from earlier ’60s recordings on Blue Note and his excellent Columbia release ‘Head Hunters’, recorded in 1973, and having liked what I’d heard, I was in a slight quandary as to whether to buy his album ‘Sunlight’ when I found it in a charity shop.  Dating from 1978, gone are the cool Hancock album covers of the past:

HH Sunlight

Recast as Medallion Man, this cover screams “Disco!”, although the image on the back has some redeeming features:

HH Sunlight back

The vast array of equipment hints at the serious musicianship underlying this recording, even if there is what some may consider some overuse of the new toy, the vocoder!

Now Disco never rated that highly in my book, yes I used to have a Chic 12″ single in the late ’70s, but that was as far as things went.  So it was with some trepidation that I sat down to listen to the thing.  Note I was sitting down, not dancing!

I was amazed to find that I knew the first track, ‘I Thought It Was You’, I can only assume that it was a single at the time and it snuck into my sub-conscious, laying dormant for that deja vu moment 37 years on!

Actually, it’s not a bad album.  The last track, ‘Good Question’ stood out on my first listen.  It’s the kind of album I’ll play when I need something to wash over me, vaguely good time and upbeat.  If I’d had coverage on my mobile phone I’d have been put off by the reviews on, but hey, I’m happy to add it to my collection.


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