Love and Hate

I can appreciate a lot of music, but sometimes it polarises my response:

Love:  Rock, Blues, Psychedelia, Americana, singer-songwriter, Modern Jazz, Reggae,Minimalist etc

Hate:  Opera, Country and Western, Hip-hop

So what do you do when a band you’re interested in strays into one of the Hate categories?  As I’ve written previously, I missed much of The Byrds first time around and am now playing catch-up.  A while back I bought the CD of Sweetheart Of The Rodeo and over a period of time I’ve listened to a few tracks at a time, but the country influences are testing my sensibilities.  The thing is, there are other Byrds albums that I really like!

Today I wandered through town checking for old vinyl and found absolutely loads of Country/Country & Western albums.  Scanning through I found a compilation of Bluegrass and thought I’d take a punt.  I passed on a whole lot of Willie Nelson etc – even Roy Orbison, but there waiting for me was a copy of:

Dr Byrds and Mr Hyde

Country influenced, yes, but also blues and psychedelic folk rock.  It’s the follow up to ‘Sweetheart’ but oh so much more accessible to my ears.  Roger McGuinn had basically recruited a new band and the resulting album did well in the UK, but sold poorly in the USA.  I love it!

The album opens with the Dylan/Danko composition ‘This Wheel’s On Fire’ and the following video shows a live performance from 1970.  Check out the very straight looking Roger McGuinn and the audience’s dancing!


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