Red Letter Day or Coming Up Trumps….

As payback for the weekly tour of secondhand/charity shops, imagine my joy when instead of finding the usual old classical, Val Doonican (RIP) and Cliff Richard LPs, I stumbled upon stock that had obviously just been put on the shelf.  Right person, right place. A few minutes later I’d left the shop with 5 albums tucked under my arm for the fine price of 99p each!  A couple of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s, a Paul Simon, an Eric Clapton and pride of place, my favourite, Neil Young.  Second hand albums of his seem to turn up rarely around here and when they do, they’re usually worn from many plays!

after the goldrush

I was cautious before I bought it as it had a few fine scratches, but I couldn’t feel them with my finger and fortunately the sound on listening is very good. I would guess that Neil Young needs little introduction, but this is one of his better albums.  It’s even still got it’s facsimile of hand written lyrics – not bad for an album that’s 45 years old!

atgr lyric sheet


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