Chris Squire

I was sad to hear of the death of Chris Squire at the weekend.  I grew up with prog rock and bought my first Yes album, ‘Relayer’ on cassette tape when it was first released in 1974.  I used to lay on my bed listening to the tape at high volume over headphones, I thought it was wonderful.  I’ve no longer got the tape, but have got a vinyl copy, which I enjoy as much today as when the album was released 41 years ago!


Chris Squire was no ordinary bass player.  He played his Rickenbacker as though it was a lead instrument;  this can be clearly heard on all of the Yes albums in my collection and was particularly obvious in live performance.  In May ’75, I was at their gig at Loftus Road (the football stadium home of Queens Park Rangers) and Squire was no shrinking violet; all of the band members were very strong musically.  This was the line up that included Patrick Moraz on keyboards.  In the temporary lull that followed ‘Relayer’, Chris Squire released a solo album ‘Fish Out Of Water’ which definitely has a Yes sound to it, Moraz and former Yes drummer Bill Bruford being contributors.  Chris Squire sings on the album and manages to sound remarkably like Jon Anderson!


If there is anybody out there that isn’t that aware of the works of Chris Squire and Yes, I’d recommend anything from my favourite decade, the 70s. I’m aware that commercially Yes were more successful in the early ’80s, but commercial success isn’t everything!

Thank you Chris.


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