Ok, the cover is a bit battered, but what do you expect for £1?

As I type this, the sound from this year’s Isle of Wight Festival is travelling 4 miles downriver and coming through my window; a mixture of fairground noise and assorted music, it’s hard to know what’s going on. Running past the site a couple of nights back was weird, with everywhere being empty.  Anyway, as a fair few festival goers will travel via Cowes, ‘That Shop’ has several boxes of vinyl for a quid per album.  I’m not going to the Festival because:

  • It’s too expensive for me at roughly £170
  • There’s not enough bands on that I fancy seeing, Black Keys, Blur and possibly Fleetwood Mac being the exceptions
  • I can catch them for nothing just over the river at ‘Freeloader’s Bay’
  • I’m an old git and the festival gears itself for youngsters and the inebriated

Hence I’m sat at home.  My knowledge of Argent is poor.  I know they had a hit with ‘Hold Your Head Up’, but it’s not on this album.  They’re on my BBC Old Grey Whistle Test DVD, with Russ Ballard looking incredibly cool in his shades.

The album is hugely playable, I think it’ll spin a few more times before being filed alphabetically!  There are elements of soft rock, pop, even prog at times and the album seems very balanced – no duff tracks to my ears anyway and I enjoyed the harmonies and Rod Argent’s keyboards.  It’s Argent’s first album and I think I’ll be on the lookout for others.


2 thoughts on “Argent

  1. Like you, I’ve known Argent for years, while never really knowing their albums (other than the song you cite). It probably wouldn’t amuse Rod, but I prefer the Zombies.

    With you on festivals. Too uncomfortable, too long, too much money to suffer for so long. Sad, eh?

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  2. I plump for the smaller festival, if I go, tending to pick from an eclectic mix of ‘world music’, somewhere I can sit down and have a cup of chai and chill out.


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