Billy Cobham


I stumbled across a copy of this album, ‘Simplicity of Expression, Depth of Thought’ over the weekend. It dates from 1978.  I first became aware of Billy Cobham via a love for the guitar playing of Tommy Bolin; ‘Spectrum’ featured Tommy on some tracks, notably ‘Stratus’ (subsequently performed by Jeff Beck).  Recorded in 1973, ‘Spectrum had quite a hard edge to its sound and was played at blistering pace.  ‘Simplicity…’ is still jazz fusion, but has a softer, maybe more latin feel to it.  It even has vocals on a few tracks, smooth, inoffensive and blending with the music rather than to the forefront.  One track even incorporates the use of a drum machine – a real sign that the ’80s were coming! It’s a nice album.

I was fortunate to see Billy Cobham play with Asere at Womad in 2008 and he was a real privilege to watch, clearly still enjoying performing.


2 thoughts on “Billy Cobham

  1. It’s not as MOR as say the copy of The Crusaders ‘Rhapsody and Blues’ from 1980 that I picked up a few months ago! Going back to Cobham and your link, ‘Spectrum’ and ‘Crosswinds’ are two quite different sounding albums. I’ve yet to hear ‘Total Eclipse’ but shall seek it out. Thanks.


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