Steve Hillage

I was initially aware of Steve Hillage as a member of Gong; they were a little too avant grade for my developing years, but his later output as a solo artist in the ’70s was right up my street.  Yes, a bit hippy influenced (nothing wrong with that), but good guitar driven sounds with the odd hurdy gurdy thrown in.  I have ‘Motivation Radio’ on vinyl and ‘Fish Rising’ on CD, but am currently unable to find my copy of ‘L’, my favourite album!


I’d read more recently that Hillage had made a new musical career in some kind of dance music – forgive my vagueness, it’s all foreign to me. Fishface doesn’t mind a bit of Dad-dancing after a drink or two, but really!  I came across the System 7 double album in a charity shop, complete with Hillage credits, so thought I’d take a punt at £2.50.  Absolute waste of money, it now joins the pile due to be donated to the charity shop…



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