Before The Flood

Before the flood

When I found this double album at a farm barn bric a brac/collectors area, I was initially in two (or more) minds.  Firstly, live albums are not always great, some are though, and having a liking for both The Band and Dylan, this album not being in my collection, it was a no-brainer.  My £6 bought me a 1974 gatefold album, the vinyl looks and plays as near mint.  Maybe whoever bought it initially thought it was crap!  Here’s what the gatefold inner looks like:

Before the flood inner

I’m really enjoying the album, I’m on side A of Disc 2 as I write this, having listened to a side of Dylan, then a side of The Band compositions. The second disc is mainly Dylan’s songs.

Behind my feelings about this album I’m feeling mightily pissed off at missing out on getting a Dylan ticket for a gig in Southampton, just a ferry ride away from where I live. At £60, it’s expensive for me, but all those tickets have supposedly sold out within a few hours. But then you find out that the main ticket seller (Ticketmaster) tells you it does have tickets available through one of it’s subsidiary companies at £100+!!!!!  Same standing tickets, a real rip off. I’m going to play a waiting game and see if any more tickets get released at standard prices before the gig in October.  Would Bob stand for any of that sort of shit?


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