Force Majeure


I guess it’s inevitable that the death of a musician makes one evaluate one’s own collection by that artist. I don’t claim to know much about Tangerine Dream, but remember a friend from school days being into keyboards a lot, so got to hear some Tangerine Dream then. With the reports of the passing of Edgar Froese has come the awareness of the prolific back catalogue of the band; perusing the vinyl at That Shop in Cowes, I came across this copy and a quick check on Rate Your Music found it to be highlighted as an important album, so it was a no-brainer for a fiver.  Things looked even brighter when a visual check showed no scratches and the matrix numbers (scratched into the out track in the middle of the disc) showed A1 and B1, in other words, first pressings from the master discs.

There are only three tracks on the album, all instrumental, ranging from a ‘short’ track at just 7:21 to an opus at 18:18.  Released in 1979, this album would have been at complete odds with the prevailing new wave of the time!  As a fan of guitar driven bands, keyboard driven music does not feature as a regular part of my listening, but on the shorter track here, ‘Cloudburst Flight’, there is a lengthy solo which could just as easily have been a guitar part.  The music here is built up in layers, echoed by the layers on the album cover.


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