Greg Kihn – Again


Ok, so there’s been this guy selling off his vinyl collection at boot sales, for a long time they went at £1 each or 7 for £5, but last week they were down to £0.50 each! After rummaging through about 10 big boxes, I’d found 15 albums that I fancied and that were in good condition.  I’m quite strict, won’t consider anything with a scratch I can feel.

This album takes me back to 1977 which was a year zero for my collection of that time. Out went most of my old rock albums and in come a handful of punk/new wave albums and absolutely loads of singles!  Apart from a love of The Clash, I enjoyed the pop side of new wave and in particular The Rubinoos and Greg Kihn. This album has a simple feel to it; harmonies are ever present.  The tracks that I remember from the past are ‘Last Of Me’, ‘Madison Avenue” and ‘For You’, a Springsteen composition.  I guess you’d call this fun, easy listening.


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