Jeff Beck – Music For Pleasure


Although I love Jeff Beck, somehow I’ve got very little vinyl of his in my collection. When I saw this in a local charity shop for £1 I was unsure – Music For Pleasure was a budget label and produced imho a lot of crap, but I thought I’d take a punt.  A few minutes research online at home and I found out from Discogs that what I’d bought was a budget reissue of Beck-Ola – result!


The album is late ’60s and the recording has a live/raw feel to it.  A pre-States Rod Stewart (when he was worth listening to) is mixed slightly down and the music takes centre stage; with Ron Wood and Nicky Hopkins (later of Stones fame), this was quite a line up for Jeff Beck, mixing blues and heavy rock to good effect.

Jeff Beck has always seemed a bit of a maverick to me; he has created some amazing albums, but the absolute stardom that his compatriots (Page, Clapton etc) have achieved seems to have eluded him.  I was amazed when he was booked for a recent Isle of Wight Festival, yet ended up playing mid afternoon – surely he’s worthy as a headliner?


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