The Clash


What better to counter post UK election blues than the defiance of The Clash?  The band’s first album was raw, a retort to emergent fascism/racism and a rejection of a bloated rock music scene in 1977.  Excellent live, seemingly expert at attracting media attention without the negativity of the Sex Pistols, the songwriting partnership of Joe Strummer and Mick Jones was prolific.  The late 70s were their best period in my opinion, concentrating on the UK market; plentiful London gigs for me to attend and an aura of real excitement surrounded the band. Their latter years seemed to be aimed at breaking into the US and they lost something, or was it that I’d just grown up a bit and moved on?  I’m playing the album as I write this – quietly, so as not to disturb my elderly neighbour. It’s probably the only time it’s been played at low volume, but it still sounds great and has lifted my mood!


3 thoughts on “The Clash

    1. I’ve gone soft in my old age! Back in those days it wasn’t unknown to be sipping whisky before 10 in the morning (admittedly at the weekend) with The Clash cranked up high – at the time I lived in Brixton and just about anything went – ‘Give ’em Enough Rope’ a favourite album, I recall…

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