When feeling introspective I reach for the singer-songwriter albums; Suzanne Vega’s first two being good choices.  Found this on vinyl today for just 99p and in vgc apart from some indentations on the album cover – some idiot leaning on it to write I guess.

Suzanne Vega visits the Isle of Wight occasionally, I first saw her at Ryde Town Hall (now sadly shut due to structural problems) and then more recently at the Isle of Wight Festival, where she seems to be a regular.  I had bought a wristband from someone leaving the Festival early, with the intention of seeing two headline acts, Noel Gallagher and Bruce Springsteen.  On arrival early afternoon I left the main arena to the Joan Armatrading fans and as I was exploring the other options, came across SV on the small Garden Stage.  There may have been only a few hundred of us watching, but she sure put on a good show!

I’ve played this album on CD many times, but one of the joys of playing vinyl is perusing the cover and today I was surprised to find that Lenny Kaye was a co-producer – a link to another great singer songwriter there!

p.s. before anyone says “That’s from 1985!”, the sound is definitely 70s, no crap drumbeats and overblown synthesised sound that generally defined 80s music


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